Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportation-a complicated, special technique and a lot of experience which requires transport
The oversized or heavy cargo is a cargo which the volume or weight exceeds the maximum permissible and revealed parameters in those countries through which territory the cargo is transported

We offer the following services:

  • Consultation and choice of the optimum decision for transportation
  • Custom cargo routes and preparation of terms of delivery
  • The conclusion of the multimodal routes  (automobile, railway, marine transport)
  • the necessary permits to transport the oversized cargo clearance  
  • The Organization of support of oversized or heavy cargoes
  • Preparing for approval and laid out a load, load calculation
  • Special techniques for handling cargo loading (unloading) the selection of the work organisation of the control
  • Insurance and other services

About us

UAB Eivora is a transport company, founded in 1995. Its main business is international cargo transportation: by road, by air, by rail and by sea. We provide other logistic services as well: insurance, cargo handling, storage, customs brokerage. Our company focuses on the long-term, mutually beneficial, high-quality and efficient collaboration MORE ABOUT US


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